2012-09-01 Three-year project funded by QNRF

2011-11-02 SFU blurb about project

2013-01-01 PhD student Alborz Amir-Khalili joins our team

2012-09-01 Jean-Marc Peyrat joins our team as a postdoctoral fellow

2013-01-01 PhD student Masoud Nosrati joins our team

2013-02-01 Two open PhD positions at SFU and UBC

2013-05-31 Project team meeting in Doha

2013-06-01 PhD student Ivan Figueroa joins our team

2013-08-01 PhD student Jeremy Kawahara joins our team

2013-08-01 Two papers accepted for MICCAI workshops 2013 (see Research)

2013-09-30 Three contribution accepted for presentation at QF-ARC 2013 (see Research)

2013-10-03 Clinical collaborator Dr. Al-Alao joins our team (see Team)

2013-11-17 IEEE ISBI 2014 paper accepted (see Research)

2013-12-08 IEEE MECBME 2014 paper accepted (see Research)

2014-04-20 Three contributions accepted at  MICCAI 2014 (see Research)

2014-09-18 Best paper at MICCAI 2014 on segmenting vessels in endoscopic video (see Research)

2015-04-01 MICCAI paper invited to and published in special J. MedIA (see Research)

2015-06-01 IEEE TMI paper accepted (see Research)

2015-08-20 MICCAI 2014 paper Amir-Khalili et al. selected by the International Medical Informatics Association for the 2015 Yearbook of Medical Informatics (IMIA and Schattauer GmbH, ISSN:0943-4747, Patient-Centered Care Coordination) as one of the best articles from the literature in the 'Sensor, Signal and Imaging Informatics' subfield of medical informatics published in the year 2014.

2015-11-15 IJCARS paper accepted (see Research)